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We are tailors 

of sustainable buildings


We are specialists in energy consulting and building services design for both civil and industrial buildings


Smart, high-tech and efficient buildings


Offices, Spa & wellness, hotel, gym, food court, commercial building with high comfort standard and energy efficient


Industrial and winery sectors, with optimised process plants to minimise carbon footprint


Passion for renewable energy and attention to details are the fundamentals of the projects we develop for our clients


  • Use of renewable energy
  • Natural and recycled materials
  • Life Cycle Analysis


  • Smart building and industry 4.0,
  • Design from concept to commissioning
  • Innovative building services


  • Optimisation of the envelope-services system
  • Energy simulations to support design phase
  • Energy monitoring to optimise building performance


Building services design

  • Building services design, mechanical, electrical, photovoltaic systems
  • Building physics and envelope design
  • Zero energy buildings, passive house and smart buildings
  • Radiant systems, active thermal mass systems, ventilation systems with heat recovery, hybrid heating systems, building management systems

Industrial process design

  • Industrial process design for industries and wineries
  • Thermal oil systems, steam systems, compressed air, gas distribution
  • Heat recovery from industrial process 
  • Electrical system design
  • Low voltage systems design

Firefighting design

  • Consulting for fire prevention 
  • Passive and active fire protection systems design
  • Sprinkler, hydrants, evacuatori di fumo e calore
  • Certified fire prevention specialists in accordance with Decree 05/08/2011 (former Law 818/84)

Energy Consulting & KlimaHaus® certification

  • Energy certified consultant at KlimaHaus® in the autonomous Province of Bolzano
  • Optimisation of high performance building envelope, curtain wall, dynamic facades, interactive shading systems, solar protection
  • Dynamic energy simulations for envelope-services system optimisation

Energy audit and incentives

  • Esperti in gestione dell’energia (EGE) secondi UNI CEI 11339
  • Realizzazione di audit energetici previsti dal Dlgs 102/2014 in realtà industriali, alberghiere e terziarie: diagnosi energetica e progetto di miglioramento con studi di fattibilità
  • Assistenza sulla normativa e sulle pratiche per l’ottenimento di forme di incentivo TEE, Ecobonus, Conto termico
  • Assistenza per l’accesso a Bandi regionali

Administrative procedures

  • We manage authorisation procedures to connect photovoltaic and cogeneration systems to the electrical grid


  • We support international clients to develop their projects in Italy and abroad
  • We collaborate with international partners



Emanuele Faltracco

Engineer, KlimaHaus Consultant and certified Expert in Energy Management (EGE). He contributed to the development of a new heat pump with an advanced electronic control. He gained experience developing projects in Italy and in the eastern countries. He is founder of Engystudio and he specialised in advanced building management systems for both civil and industrial sector.

Riccardo Ceccato

Mechanical Engineer and firefighting specialist. He gained technical and commercial experience in the air conditioning sector for both civil and industrial areas. He is a chartered Engineer, registered with the Italian Engineering Council, and a certified fire prevention specialist in accordance with Decree 05/08/2011.

Linda Gecchele

Business consultant proficient in foreign languages. She gained experience as after-sales services specialist in the air conditioning sector, in particular heat pumps. She is expert about electricity and natural gas supply contracts and she specialised in authorisation procedures management for photovoltaic systems connection to grid.

Dario Prando

Mechanical Engineer and Renewable Energy Specialist. He is instructor for the Master “Building, Energy and Environment” at KlimaHaus Institution of Bolzano. He collaborated with various design studios in northern Europe for the development of projects in Italy and abroad. He specialised in building physics applied to buildings and integrated envelope-services design.

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